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Oh No the Mess- Monsters are back!!!


OK so I know I didn’t blog about it but there was like a one week period about a week after I started my crossing where my kids were actually obeying and being good little children and there were hardly any messes. Then Dave started back to work. Now we are in a TRANSITION phase again and my children have reverted back to the crazy mess-making versions of themselves. Did I mention that my kids don’t handle transitions very well. My sweet adorable loving 2 year old has become a whiny screaming trouble maker and my 3 year old has become a stealthy destroyer. It seems as though I cannot leave the room for even a moment. There has been so many messes of late I can barely keep track of them and I sometimes feel like I am going crazy again.Some of our recent messes have included:

Coloring with permanent marker on the computer screen and desk

Ripping open and pouring out an entire box of cereal all over the living room

Pouring a tub of oatmeal all over the kitchen

Dumping dirt from the back yard all over the patio

Pouring out an entire 1 lb bag of tortilla chips all over the kitchen

Throwing almost every meal on the floor when they think they are done

Tossing diapers and socks all over their bedroom during a “nap”

Pulling apart their beds and pushing the bed across their bedroom

Tipping over the rocking chair to use as a jungle gym

Putting small holes in the walls with various items

Drawing on walls with any writing tool the can get a hold of

Unraveling all of the toilet paper


Tearing up books

Those are just a few of the ones I remember.ย  Now in addition to making a lot more messes than usual they have also been a lot more whiny, disobedient, and just plain naughty. Some of the other things they have been doing are eating toothpaste, drinking water from the backyard hose, bring bugs into the house, sneaking outside every chance they get, screaming, yelling, and fighting. It has been very loud and very chaotic at our house. It seems as though there is constantly some sort of mess or crisis happening right now and I feel like I all the work I did cleaning and organizing is slowly being undone because I am spending all my time and energy helping whiny children, cleaning up messes, and separating fighting toddlers. Yikes! I am really hoping that this is just a transition reaction and that with time and routine they will revert back to the lovely children they were a few weeks ago very soon. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

House of order and Vacation detox apparently don’t mix


Well I must say it has been tough to try and apply all these new ideas at once. I have been doing much better at several of them. For instance, I have been taking my vitamins and supplements every day so far and have been working daily on my de-cluttering/cleaning (although I must say it seems as though clutter and messes are creeping up much faster than usual and I still haven’t gotten everything put away from vacation), I also bought a ton of fruits vegetables and whole grains and have been serving them at meals (so far the kids have spit out just about every vegetable they have been served but at least its going in before it comes out…progress right?), I have not been more active physically but I do think I have been more active spiritually we read a little bit of the scriptures as a family and I have been reading a book about teaching your children the commandments before bed. So there is still room for a lot of improvement in both of those areas.

Great book! Write them Upon their Hearts by Marcus Barnes

Now for the purpose of this blog post…parenting after vacation. I don’t even know where to begin. This has been a ROUGH week for my parenting skills and I am pretty sure I have been a meaner mom and not a nicer one this week. But to my credit I am pretty sure my kids are behaving MUCH MUCH WORSE than usual. In fact I once again feel like I am losing it on a daily basis. I am not quite sure where to go from here but I am really hoping that once I get a hold on the house again and our schedule normalizes itself and they get used to the idea of no tv again that they will also normalize (or at least calm down a bit). Here is an example of a day to give you an idea of what a month and a half of vacation detox looks like. Wake up to bundles of energy and desires for food, get food, buckle kids into chairs (experience has shown that not to do so is a bad idea) leave room for five minutes to get dressed, come back to discover that somehow they have escaped their chairs and gotten into finger-paints, play-doh, garbage, food, spilled drinks, and thrown their breakfast all over the kitchen. So then you must clean up all the messes and while you are doing that they start screaming and fighting so you go to see what is going on and you see your 3 year old chasing your 2 year old with a bottle of febreeze. So you take the febreeze and head back to the kitchen to finish cleaning. Then you realize things are quiet … too quiet. You walk out of the kitchen to realize the children have decided to play out side without supervision, you corral them back inside and decide it might be best to save the mess for later. So you sit on the couch to be sure you have a view of the whole play area then you become the play area. The children decide to climb, poke, pull, and otherwise harass you instead of playing with toys. So you play with them for a while. Now its snack time. Oh boy this time I stay in the already messy room but it doesn’t seem to matter because when they are done they throw the container of yogurt on the floor or smear it on the table making yet another mess in the already messy kitchen. Now normally I would make the child clean up their own yogurt but seeing as how there are so many things to get into in the kitchen since we have not finished unpacking from vacation I figure it is best to do it myself while the kids take a nap. So, now its nap time. The kids start out in the same room…I quickly realize that’s not going to work based on the giggling coming from the other side of the door. So I separate them. Finally sleep… then time to clean up all the messes from this morning and try to get some of the vacation stuff put away.

Then the kids wake up and it all starts again…mascara on my bedsheets and the walls, bathroom cleaner covering every surface of the bathroom (which happen while Mercury was going “potty” he has been insisting on the door being shut recently), Zeal gets a hold of scissors somehow and cuts up some buisness cards, yelling, screaming, fighting, dumping all the toys, and messes everywhere. Welcome Home ๐Ÿ™‚


Little Stinker


A little background to the story…

This vacation has been tough on Mercury’s potty training. Before we left on vacation Mercury had not had an accident in several months. But the changes in schedule and routine I think threw him off and he reverted back so we had to put him back into diapers. Anyways so for the last 3 days he hasn’t had any accidents so this morning when he asked to wear his big boy underwear I said yes…

So, a few hours later my father in law calls Dave’s name and since Dave was busy I went to see what was going on. As I am coming up the stair he is laughing and saying “well, he said he wiped his butt…” I go into the bathroom to see the entire toilet full of semi used toilet paper. I mean a towering pile the top still dry. So yay he had pooped on the potty and tried to wipe himself but used the entire roll of toilet paper and his butt was still far from clean (and he had put his underwear back on).

So, I got him all cleaned up and since he had just gone to the bathroom I figured we were safe to go for a walk. So my father in law and I took them to the park. Next thing I know Mercury is in his poop stance at the top of the slide. So, I run up there and try to put things on hold and as I turn to tell my father in law that we need to hurry home Mercury apparently decides to take matters into his own hands because as I turn around I see Mercury squatting in the grass with his pants down around his ankles peeing on himself and trying to poop in the grass. Oh….my…..goodness…. sooooo embarrassing! And yes there were other people at the park! The joys of motherhood!

Nothing left to do but gather up the dirty stinky child (try to hide my scarlet face) and head home to clean and bathe him.

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A House of Order


I am so excited to get home from this vacation and get started on my “new life”. I have been reading a lot of blogs and doing a lot of personal reflection, and planning during this vacation. In doing so I have come up with a lot of ideas about how I want to change the way I have been doing things. Some of these ideas I have already shared such as wanting to de-junk and simplify my home and wanting to make sure my family eats more real and healthy foods.ย  But I have also come up with a few other changes I would like to make when I get back home and create a new routine. I am hoping that since it has been so long since we have been home that creating a new routine will be easier because I am not stuck in my old one anymore. I have had a nice long break and want to get started on a positive not. It is like my new blank slate.

So in a nutshell this is my plan…

1. Less stuff= cleaner house with less clutter (I also plan on implementing family work time as discussed in headgate)

I want to really really de-clutter my home. I hope to achieve an almost minimalist atmosphere which will make cleaning SOOOO much easier. I used to follow the lazy organizer but she recently decided to discontinue her blog so now I have begun to use zenhabits and mnmlist for inspiration and motivation instead. I also want to have my kids start taking part in the care of our home and make “chores” a normal part of our daily routine. The e-book headgate really outlines how I want to do this perfectly. I think it will be a wonderful change and create a much more organized and peaceful atmosphere for my family.

2. Real food= healthier meals

I have already written an entire blog post about how I want to incorporate more “real foods” into my families diet. But I just want mu family to eat healthier so that they can be healthier. I hope that by buying only the healthiest foods we will be eating only the healthiest foods.

3. Be a nicer mom

I have recently noticed that I have been exceptionally tired and cranky lately. I also realzed that I have stopped taking my vitamins, fish oil, and st. Johns wort. All of which would probably improve my mood. So as soon as I get back from vacation I plan on re-introducing these supplements in hopes of taming my temper. I also want to make a stronger effort to be more calm and patient with my children. Specifically I want to stop yelling and implement the ideas of love and logic.

4. Maybe start using herbs and essential oils to help relieve stress

I have been reading a lot about herbal teas and essential oils and their therapeutic and medicinal uses. I have become somewhat excited about the prospects of using these to decrease the prevalence of illness, stress, headaches, and PMS through the use of essential oils. I plan on doing a little more research and possible investing in a few different essential oils to use as remedies in my home.

5. Save money by buying less stuff and couponing by using

Several of my friends back in New York have recently begun couponing. They have enlightened me on the huge savings and potential money to be made through their methods and have introduced me to the website hip2save. It is very exciting but also seems very complicated and they have urged me to get an organizational system in place before really getting into it. So I have begun by clipping coupons and I plan on using a 5 star zip up 3-ring binder along with plastic baseball card organizers and dividers to create an organizational system for my coupons. If I can do as well as my friend I can potentially leave the store with a basket full of stuffย  for FREE and end up making money through rebates. So needless to say that is pretty exciting!

6. Create more learning experiences for Mercury

As many of you already know, I plan on homeschooling my children (at least through middle-school).I have already been teaching Mercury things here and there throughout his whole life (as any good mother does) but I plan on implementing a more organized and planned system come September.ย  He has been doing wonderful since he got his ear tubes a week before our vacation. His speech has improved drastically in the last month and he has even stated answering questions and speaking in sentences that others can understand. I am really excited to begin an organized program of learning for him and take advantage of this peak in interest. Although most of it will be learning through play and just involve talking about what we are doing. They will be planned play activities designed to bring up new words and ideas. Anyways now I am kind of off on a tangent. But yes I do plan on homeschooling for a myriad of reasons andย  yes my child will have plenty social interaction so please don’t ask about that. I will probably write an entire post on that topic at some point. But right now I am talking about the exciting changes about to take place for my family.

7.Be more physically active

I have noticed an increase in my waistline and a decrease in my energy level. So I am hoping that exercise will help with both of these problems. I think we will do a combination of going to the gym, waling, exercise videos (including P90X and Tammy Lee’s I want that body). Hopefully we will be able to lose some weight, get back in shape, and increase our energy levels.

And last but definitely not least.

8. Bring the spirit more abundantly into my home.

As a family we have been waning in our spirituality. We have not been reading our scriptures or praying as regularly as we used to. We have not been regular in our Family Home Evening and I have not been as diligent in teaching my children about the Gospel as I had always hoped to be. So part of this new life plan must include at the very least daily scripture study, family prayer, and teaching moment for the kids as well as a weekly Family Home Evening where we can teach the children a lesson about the Gospel. I would also like to play hymns daily as background music during family work time or the children’s quiet time. I am hoping these changes will also increase the level of happiness and peace in our home.

I think it is a beautiful plan and will lead to a lot of happiness and peace for my family. I hope that it will not be too much at once. I am planning on doing it a little at a time. But I am very excited about all of these changes and hope that I will succeed in incorporating each of them into our lives. I will let you know how things go ๐Ÿ™‚



This has been a summer of vacations. We spent a week in Idaho Falls for the 4th of July and to see Dave’s family and our friends. For the 4th of July we went to see Glenn Becks Independence Day Celebration it was awesome!

then we were home for one day just long enough to do laundry and pack. The next day we hopped on a plane for a three week stay in New York a week and a half with each of my parents.

While in New York we went to the Strong Museum of play…

A friendly race ๐Ÿ™‚
Zeal spelled the word above our heads ..haha ๐Ÿ˜‰
They got to ride the “choo-choo”!
Mercury got his licence to drive muppets!

Had a pool party and BBQ….

Floating in the “boat”


Got to meet my new baby brother for the first time….

Michael holding his Uncle D

Mercury and Zeal with their Aunt and Uncle

Then we will be coming home for about two days then we will drive down to St George to stay with some friends in their parents vacation home. Then we will come back home for about a week or so then head back down to Idaho again before school starts. We have had a lot of fun so far but I am surprised at how much I miss home. I have actually had the urge to clean and de-clutter my house. I have been reading a lot about minimalism and de-cluttering while I’ve been here in New York so I am excited to get home and try to apply some of it.

What is real?


Recently I have been realizing that my family does not eat very healthy food most of the time.

It is amazing how much we eat out and make quick convenience foods instead of having healthy sit down meals at home. I think a big part of the problem is that we are too busy. This morning I was thinking about how I could remedy that.ย  So I was asking myself the following questions…

what is it that we eat?

what are the most unhealthy things that we eat?

why do I buy/make these things?

It was then that I realized that the things that we eat that are the most unhealthy are the convenience foods. Things that I buy to save time or for when “I don’t feel like cooking”. Also I bought a lot of canned foods for food storage like spaggettios and canned chili. These are probably not the healthiest choices for my food storage but they would keep us alive in an emergency. Then I asked myself…

what are the healthiest foods we eat?

how can I incorporate more of these food into our diet?

Well the healthiest foods we eat are probably raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Wait a second……raw….whole…hmmmm. Then it hit me…..REAL FOODS. The things that actually grow from the earth the original things that are processed to become the products that I have been feeding my family.

If I leave out the processing I am left with a much healthier product.ย ย  The irony of my calling it real food is that these are exactly the foods my husband says are not “real food”. Then I started thinking about the FOOD groups and realized that most of theย  “foods” we eat don’t even fit anywhere on the food pyramid.

Take pizza for example…. pizza is not in any one category. I have decided that this is because pizza is not a food (ok ok I know it is a food but for my purposes here I am going to consider it a product). Pizza contains several foods such as cheese, wheat, meat, and vegetables. Each of these can fit into one of the food groups therefore they are foods. I could make pizza (the product) a lot healthier if I made it with healthier foods. Such as whole wheat flour, homemade tomatoes sauce (made with real tomatoes and less salt), or topping it with vegetables (or in my case blending vegetables into the sauce because no one else in my family would eat it if they were on top). Just little things like that.

The solution to my problem is to buy real foods. If all I have is real foods then I have to use them. The problem may come that “I don’t feel like cooking” but I think if we do our budget right that wont be as much of a problem either because we will only have so much “eating out” money. Plus I may set a limit on how often we eat out or keep a calendar to make myself feel guilty. Or maybe a food journal for my kids. That might be a good idea anyway to keep track of what they eat so I can see which areas need improvement. Anyways I am rambling and this is getting pretty long but I just wanted to share my epiphany about “real foods”.ย  Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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Simple Life


OK so I have been working really hard to organize and simplify my life and my house. recently read a little e-book called entitled headgate and fell in love with the principles taught in it. I don’t plan on taking the ideas to the extreme like the author and some others have done but I know that much good will come from applying these principles in my home. Right now I am working specifically on organizing and simplifying my home.ย  I am trying to assign each room a purpose and make sure the things withing those rooms are helping to aid in that purpose and not hindering it.

I started with the kids room because this is what kept happening

kids room before I switched rooms and before the transformation

I decided that room was for sleeping. Well what do kids need to sleep…beds, pillows, blankets and a stuffed animal. So that’s all that is in their room. ok ok well you caught me that’s not all that’s in there but almost. I kept the rocking chair in there so we could read stories before bed and the books are up in the closet and I have a few boxes of out of rotation toys store in the top of the closet (I like to rotate toys every so often). But that’s it , really.Here is a picture to prove it ๐Ÿ™‚

see just a bed ๐Ÿ™‚

here is the empty floored closet

I love it and it is wonderful. In fact I didn’t know what to do with the emptiness of the closet floor at first but now I love it so much that it has become the goal for the rest of my rooms. So far I am failing miserably in reaching that goal but its getting there slowly but surely.

The living room was also easy since we moved our TV upstairs to our media room/office (so that it wouldn’t be a temptation for the kids). So the function of our “living room” became more like a playroom that we also entertain guests in.ย  So all that was left in that room was a shelf for some toys, our little kiddie table and chairs, and our couch and love seat, and two baskets (one for toys that don’t fit on the shelf and one for books).

living room/ play room

Well there is also a Christus statue and some candles on the fireplace…but that is it.

other side

The kitchen was my favorite transformation.

clean kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

I had way too much stuff crammed into my cupboards in an unorganized manner. bags of baking supply’s, boxes of pasta, and unorganized kids dishes.


So I came up with a plan to streamline and organize and this is how it turned out.


I also wanted to organize my spice cupboard and my dish cupboard as well and here are the results.





The other rooms have not been as simple and are still works in progress. I have succeeded in getting rid ofย  2 boxes of stuff from my bedroom and office but they are still not fitting into my new simple plan. I have this vision of this beautiful empty house where the rooms each only have the few things that need withing them but I am not quite sure how to get my house to fulfill my vision. I guess I will just keep plugging along and doing a little at a time. Purging and de-junking. I love the results but the process is very difficult. I found it so easy to get rid of my kids stuff but it is so much more difficult to get rid of my own baggage.

New Names


So, as you may have noticed, I decided to add an element of anonymity to my blog by changing the names of my children for security reasons. Meaning it makes me feel better. ๐Ÿ™‚ So here they are:

A happy Mercury

Mercury: My oldest son age 3. He is so named because he is very mercurial meaning animated, lively, sprightly, quick-witted, fickle, flighty, erratic, and fleet footed. He seems to move more often and more quickly than the rest. Mercurial is another way of saying spirited. Mercury is extremely spirited. He doesn’t walk he runs, he doesn’t cry he wails, he doesn’t giggle he shrieks/ squeals with joy. He is very intense. When he is happy he is a joy to be around and can light up the room and bring a smile to everyone’s face. But he is like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead if you catch my meaning.

this is a younger one of Mercury but it perfectly captures his personality


My beautiful little Zeal

Zeal: My younger son age 22 months. He is so named because he is very driven, persistent, warm, alert, and determined. He knows what he wants in life and will do what it takes to get it. He will not do something unless HE wants to. He can also be very intense at times. He is also hilarious and can always make us laugh. He is so adorable that we find it very difficult to ever be upset with him. He is even cute when he is angry possibly even more so because he makes this face.

This is what happens when you ask Zeal to make his grumpy face ๐Ÿ˜€

Sometimes having kids just isn’t pretty


So, I think this might be my first blog story about only Zeal. It goes something like this. Driving along and suddenly we hear a weird gagging type sound coming from the back seat. So, I look back just in time to see Zeal sticking his hand down his throat but not soon enough to stop him before… yum… puke all over. You might think that was the end of the story and it would make a decent story but no there’s more. So, we get home and it is time for a bath. Zeal is having a grand bath, one of his first baths without his big brother (we thought a bath with his puke should probably not be shared). Zeal is playing with his toys and suddenly I realize wait those are not toys…I didn’t give him toys because of the puke…what is that…..oh…oh no…oh sick… he is playing with his own poop and it is everywhere. It was too gross for words. It was not just one big piece it was everywhere and I did not even know what to do. So I had to go fishing and catch as many pieces as I could with a plastic bag over my hand and then sanitize the tub and re-wash the baby. So gross!

My own personal Oil spill :D


Mercury and Zeal have really been pretty good these last couple of weeks (besides attitudes and whiny-ness). We spent last weekend in Idaho visiting family for Mercury’s 3rd Birthday. We didn’t have and real messes to speak of UNTIL… today they decided it would be fun to dump a whole bottle of cooking oil on the kitchen floor. That was crazy and I had no idea how to go about cleaning it up so I had to go online to look for ideas because I knew it was a bad idea to get a lot of oil on a towel because of fire risks when laundering. So I found a website that said to pour baby powder on then scrape it up and throw it away. Well it was such a big spill that I didn’t have enough baby powder to cover it so I had heard that some people use corn starch instead of baby powder so I figured it would be about the same so I used an entire box of cornstarch and the oil was still not all covered so I had to resort to flour which I had plenty of so I cover it all with flour then scraped up the oil, baby powder, corn starch, and flour mess with a spatula and threw it away then I swept up the excess flour and wiped up what was left with some hot water and dish-soap. Phew! That was a lot of work but no towels were ruined so I guess it was worth it. But I still have 2 little pairs of socks and pants to wash from the 2 little boys who were playing in said mess. But GUESS WHAT!!! I didn’t even yell or freak out because I had just been waiting for our next mess! I am so proud I took all their clothes off, gave them a bath then put them down for their nap. Although I didn’t really deal with the issue other than to tell them that they didn’t get a story before their nap because mommy had to go clean up their mess. So I thought about pictures but the oil didn’t really show up so all I got was an in the process of clean up shot which I will try to post later (it is on my phone since all the battery’s for our camera are dead so I am not entirely sure how to get it onto the computer so I have to wait for Dave t come home and tell me if it is possible).

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I am a 25 year old mother of 2 crazy little boys. I am blessed to be able to stay home and care for my boys.ย  My oldest is three and my little one is almost 2. They definitely keep me busy. My oldest son who I will call Mercury is quite a a handful he is very spirited, creative, and energetic. He is always looking for something to get into which makes for lots of fun blog posts. My younger son who I will call Zeal is a beautiful toddler and is always following in his big brothers footsteps. Right now he is into whatever Mercury is into but adds his own little personality to the mix. This blog will basically be about my adventures in parenting and trying to run a household. As I am a Latter Day Saint and also plan on homeschooling you may also hear tidbits about these and other interests as well. Happy Reading!