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Little Stinker


A little background to the story…

This vacation has been tough on Mercury’s potty training. Before we left on vacation Mercury had not had an accident in several months. But the changes in schedule and routine I think threw him off and he reverted back so we had to put him back into diapers. Anyways so for the last 3 days he hasn’t had any accidents so this morning when he asked to wear his big boy underwear I said yes…

So, a few hours later my father in law calls Dave’s name and since Dave was busy I went to see what was going on. As I am coming up the stair he is laughing and saying “well, he said he wiped his butt…” I go into the bathroom to see the entire toilet full of semi used toilet paper. I mean a towering pile the top still dry. So yay he had pooped on the potty and tried to wipe himself but used the entire roll of toilet paper and his butt was still far from clean (and he had put his underwear back on).

So, I got him all cleaned up and since he had just gone to the bathroom I figured we were safe to go for a walk. So my father in law and I took them to the park. Next thing I know Mercury is in his poop stance at the top of the slide. So, I run up there and try to put things on hold and as I turn to tell my father in law that we need to hurry home Mercury apparently decides to take matters into his own hands because as I turn around I see Mercury squatting in the grass with his pants down around his ankles peeing on himself and trying to poop in the grass. Oh….my…..goodness…. sooooo embarrassing! And yes there were other people at the park! The joys of motherhood!

Nothing left to do but gather up the dirty stinky child (try to hide my scarlet face) and head home to clean and bathe him.

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Sometimes having kids just isn’t pretty


So, I think this might be my first blog story about only Zeal. It goes something like this. Driving along and suddenly we hear a weird gagging type sound coming from the back seat. So, I look back just in time to see Zeal sticking his hand down his throat but not soon enough to stop him before… yum… puke all over. You might think that was the end of the story and it would make a decent story but no there’s more. So, we get home and it is time for a bath. Zeal is having a grand bath, one of his first baths without his big brother (we thought a bath with his puke should probably not be shared). Zeal is playing with his toys and suddenly I realize wait those are not toys…I didn’t give him toys because of the puke…what is that…..oh…oh no…oh sick… he is playing with his own poop and it is everywhere. It was too gross for words. It was not just one big piece it was everywhere and I did not even know what to do. So I had to go fishing and catch as many pieces as I could with a plastic bag over my hand and then sanitize the tub and re-wash the baby. So gross!

Past Adventures in Curiosity and Creativity


So I thought I’d share some of the adventures and messes we’ve had recently. You must understand that my children require constant supervision or disaster strikes. In the time it takes to change the babies diaper or go to the bathroom a whole room can be destroyed. So most of the time I have to make sure both of my boys are within my site at all times (which takes a lot of planning and energy). But here are some of the things that have happened when I have turned my back on my boys for a few minutes.

Spilling and entire gallon of white paint on our living room carpet (the lid was not on tight and he tried to carry it)(that one actually came out miraculously with the use of a wetvac and several hours of hard labor), Coloring on almost every surface of our house whenever a pen, pencil, crayon, etc is left within their reach, playing/ swimming in the toilet, spilling dark green paint on the rug (that one did not come out and there is still a light green stain), color all over the house with black permanent marker, break my flour canister (full of gluten), eat sugar out of the container with a spoon, getting their own breakfast ( whole box of kix all over the kitchen floor), get into a bag of flour and spill it all over the floor, spill oatmeal all over the kitchen, getting into the refrigerator and pour condiments all over himself and the kitchen, take a bite out of every piece of fruit in the kitchen and leave the rest, pull out every dvd we own, pull all the books off the shelve, break tiny holes in our plasma tv with their toys, and many many many more adventures. He is always so quiet and sneaky when making these messes and knows the perfect time to strike. Oh look mom is upstairs changing Zeal’s diaper or getting the bath ready lets make a mess. One of our most recent messes occurred yesterday when Mercury sprayed pam (cooking oil) all over the kitchen and we didn’t realize till some time later when his Daddy almost killed himself slipping in it. It was everywhere on the floor, microwave, stove, table, chairs, on food packages…a big slippery, oily greasy mess. It took quite a while to clean up.
Here is some footage of a few of our messes 🙂

So I should add that there was also permanent marker IN his ears that day! That part actually did make me laugh!

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I am a 25 year old mother of 2 crazy little boys. I am blessed to be able to stay home and care for my boys.  My oldest is three and my little one is almost 2. They definitely keep me busy. My oldest son who I will call Mercury is quite a a handful he is very spirited, creative, and energetic. He is always looking for something to get into which makes for lots of fun blog posts. My younger son who I will call Zeal is a beautiful toddler and is always following in his big brothers footsteps. Right now he is into whatever Mercury is into but adds his own little personality to the mix. This blog will basically be about my adventures in parenting and trying to run a household. As I am a Latter Day Saint and also plan on homeschooling you may also hear tidbits about these and other interests as well. Happy Reading!