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Baby Girl


So we have had our baby girl… It has been quite a while since we had her actually.

Here she is at a few weeks old


A more recent photo of our little angel :)

A more recent picture 🙂

She is now sixteen months old. We decided to name her Liliana. She was born 3 and a half weeks early because of a complication. She was my first c-section. She was a tiny little thing weighing in at 5 lbs and 3 oz and she was only 18 inches long. She was a beautiful baby and we have loved having her in our family. She has been such a joy.  Lily is already walking and beginning to talk. She has quite the little personality. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it. She is super silly and makes everyday a little more fun.Michael and Zachary love being big brothers (although Zachary wasn’t too pleased when we first brought her home from the hospital). For the most part they are really good with her and especially Michael is extremely loving and always looking for ways to help out with Lily.

So since it has been such a long time since I have posted we are actually expecting baby # 4 now. We have already found out that we are expecting another little girl. We are so excited that Lily will have a little sister. A lot of other things have also changed. For instance we no longer live in Utah and have moved to upstate NY. We just bought a fixer upper house

The outside of our new house... I will post before pictures of the inside in a separate post

and we have been living with my parents for the last 6 months while we were waiting to close on the house. We finally closed on the house about a month ago and we are now just waiting for the construction to be done so that we can move in. We are hoping it will be done in the next 2-3 weeks. I just hope the house is done before the baby comes.



So I wrote this quite a while back…

“I am relatively certain that I stress quite a lot more than the average person. I am almost constantly stressed, worried, anxious about something. My doctor has tried twice to medicate me for anxiety but I have refused because I don’t want to be drugged and want to find more natural solutions. Recently my stress level has been affecting my sleep in both quality and quantity. I lay awake in bed for hours just thinking about all thing that I need to do, things that I forgot to do, and all the things I should have and could have done better. I also worry about being a good wife and mother as well as stressing that I am always late to EVERYTHING.  I am worried about staging our house just right to sell. As well as what will happen if we don’t sell or what would happen if we did. We recently redid our floors and had a fireplace removed and a wall pushed back to increase square footage and my stress level skyrocketed during the whole process of deciding which flooring and wall color to get. Its as if the fate of the world rest on my every decision and I worry that if I make the wrong decision that we will never sell our house or we won’t get as much money for it. I feel as though every decision and mistake I make bears the weight of the world and if I forget something everyone will hate me and I will be fired and have no friends.  I also stress a lot about relationships. I am often the one who calls and makes plans with my friends so I often worry whether people actually like me or not and whether I am a nuisance or a bother. I often feel as though I am imposing or calling too often. I am also always worried about offending people……..why do I worry so much?”

Looking back and reading this again I realized some of the things I was stressing about didn’t really matter at all. For instance apparently staging and cleaning my house to perfection in most cases would probably be important but we ended up selling our house to the one person who happened to show up out of the blue when the house was a complete disaster and in the middle of a ceiling repair project. I mean it was really bad… food on the table, loads of dishes in the sink, clean and dirty laundry everywhere, and the guy bought it anyway. I don’t know what the solution is to my anxiety issues but I think knowing that I have anxiety issues is a start and realizing that some of the things I worry so much about really aren’t that important is a good next step.


Healthy Eating


Ok,  so I have decided to start a chemical free diet for my family in hopes that it will improve Michael’s behavior, attention span, and focus as well as improve the overall health of my family. Michael is behind in some areas of understanding and he seems to be hyperactive, oversensitive, and has a difficult time sitting still or focussing on one subject for any period of time. He basically can’t seem to stop talking (very loudly), moving, or whining. He also has had dark circles under his eyes for basically as long as I can remember. The doctor thought it might be allergy related and lately I have read several blogs and articles regarding added dyes, chemicals, and preservatives in our food having a huge affect on some children’s behavior. In other words, some children have a sensitivity or allergy to some of these additives. In order to assess whether Michael has an additive or dye sensitivity  I have decided to completely remove as many of the chemicals and dyes in our food as possible to see if there is any noticeable change. I am not going completely organic so there will probably still be a small amount of chemicals in our food due to pesticides and fertilizers used in the growth of our foods. I will buy about half of our fruits and veggies from organic sources but all other food will be conventional but without additives. I am going to keep track of what we eat and which brands I have found to have the least additives.

Sunday was our first day on the diet. To read about how it went check out my new blog (dedicated to health and food related topics). I will still be updating this blog with family related stuff. I just didn’t want to fill this blog with recipes, chemical info, and food ideas. Anyways if you are interested in my thoughts on all natural food and recipes go ahead and check it out 🙂

Our little princess…


So this post is long overdue. I just realized that my blog does not yet know that I am pregnant with baby # 3 and that we found out that IT’S A GIRL! We are ecstatic. I am so excited to decorate our nursery like this…

and buy clothes like this…

and this…

All I can say is I hope she is not a tomboy because I have been looking forward to having a frilly, lacy, flowery little nursery since I was a little girl.

Baby Steps


Well I have successfully added a few new routines to our lives. Every morning we have family work time where the kids and I clean up the house. This has been wonderful because the house has been staying so much cleaner and doing it every day makes it so we don’t have as much build up and the kids know what to expect. We have also started going to the gym almost every weekday. I have started a water aerobics class 3 times a week and I love it. I have also started planning meals in 2 week increments and only going shopping once every 2 weeks. This helped us to more closely stick to out grocery budget for the month (it was a little over because we got new bed stuff for our kids). It has been nice to have a bit more of a routine. I have several other things I want to add into our schedule one a time. I want to add 1. 20-30 mins of reading time 2. A learning/lesson time for Michael. 3. I want to get back into the habit of scripture reading and prayer. But for now I am satisfied with the habits I am forming and will try to add in a new one once this one feels strongly established.



So this post is probably long overdue but we have been making a lot of changes to our house since we moved in. We got new windows

before (we have also gotten a new door and light since this picture was taken)

after new windows door and light

after showing side window too

We re-did our floors downstairs, removed the fireplace to give us more space in the livingroom, and painted the living room beige…

showing fireplace wall before

living room after
new wall

kitchen in 2008

kitchen after

Christmas Break Mess at Grandpa’s house


So we spent Christmas at my husbands parents house. When we are there the kids spend a lot of time playing in the playroom (which happens to adjoin to his food storage pantry) The door to the food pantry does not close properly and does not have a lock so my father-in-law “child proofed by moving all the food to the upper shelves of the pantry where the kids “couldn’t reach”. Well we didn’t plan on the children using the shelves as a ladder. I came downstairs to check on them to find Zeal on the top shelf of the pantry and this…

Big Mess part 1

Big Mess Part 2

Needless to say our father in law will be purchasing a new door most likely with a lock.

Thanksgiving Vacation

So we decided to do things a little differently this year and headed off to San Diego for Thanksgiving. It was our first Thanksgiving with just our own little family. We had a great time and did a lot of fun things with the kids. We stopped in Las Vegas for a day o n the way there and saw the Bellagio, Water show and botanical gardens, the Mirage Volcano show (which Mercury cried all the way through), spent several hours in an arcade without spending any money because the kids just loved sitting in the cars, motorcycles, and other games, swam in the pool.  Then when we got to San Diego we went to Lego land and the kids rode their first rides and Mercury drove a car for the first time. We also went to the Wild Animal Park, the San Diego Temple grounds, The Mormon Battalion Historical Site, Several parks, and a couple Beaches.

Daddy and Mercury on the kids first ever ride

Zeal got to meet Bob the builder but Mercury was too scared so he just looked from afar

Mercury loved the train at Legoland

Mercury got to drive

We discovered that our kids are much smaller than gorillas at the Wild animal Park

We ordered giant pizza

Then we went to the beach

The kids LOVED playing in the sand

We really enjoyed the trip and spending quality time with our kids. We will definitely be taking more family vacations in the future (probably not for the holidays though).



I didn’t realize what great strides I was making in de-cluttering and moving toward minimalism until I found some really old pictures of how I used to decorate my home. I will share a few so that you may see what I am talking about. These pictures are from about 5 years ago when Dave and I were still in College and lived in an apartment compared with our current home.

I used to decorate my dresser like this…

Now it is a little more simplified…(also painted white with new hardware)

My side tables used to look like this…

and this…

But now they look like this…

and this… (also stained them and added handles)

I used to stuff my hutch with all sorts of things…

Now I’ve pared it down a bit…

I used to stuff my entertainment center to the brim with knick knacks and decor…

Now I have a much more stream lined approach…

And last but not least here is our old cluttered desk…

and our new more basic and simple desk

Now a lot of this “de-cluttering” and minimizing was due to having children who would break most of the items I used to decorate with but also I now find joy in clear spaces and have realized that the less stuff I have the less stuff I need to clean, find, lose, and worry about.



This was written back in June but is still quite applicable

I have so many thoughts rushing through my brain and the main theme seems to be simplicity. I want to de-junk my life. I am starting with physically de-junking and simplifying my house. I am also planning on switching to online billing since I seem to gather a lot of paper mail. I have so many things that seem so difficult to let go of.  I am hoping I can get myself down to one “memory box”. I want to take everything out of my closet except clothes and shoes. I cleaned out our storage unit yesterday. I brought a whole van load of stuff to DI it felt good to let go of all that stuff. I keep trying to come up with questions to help me let go. Like, when was the last time I used this, in five years will I even remember that I had this, will I miss it when its gone, do I really need this, and other questions like these. I am beginning to love emptiness and simplicity. My life has become increasingly crazy, cluttered, and busy.

Fast forward four months to the present. I have kept my kids room relatively in the same condition as the last picture and I have achieved getting my closet down to only clothes, shoes, and our safe that holds our important documents and such. I also took a lot of stuff out of the office closet. Unfortunately I haven’t let go of most of that stuff yet because I just shoved it all into the storage unit that was clean back in June and now cannot even be opened without fear of things falling out onto you. So I need to have another go at all that STUFF and see how much more I can actually get rid of. It is so freeing to get rid of things. I don’t know why it is so hard to do. I just make all these excuses about why I need to keep all this JUNK. Also I think that children’s toys magically reproduce during the night because we keep getting more and I don’t know where they all come from. I am getting ready to do another purge because we definitely have way too many and I know they don’t even play with most of them.

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I am a 25 year old mother of 2 crazy little boys. I am blessed to be able to stay home and care for my boys.  My oldest is three and my little one is almost 2. They definitely keep me busy. My oldest son who I will call Mercury is quite a a handful he is very spirited, creative, and energetic. He is always looking for something to get into which makes for lots of fun blog posts. My younger son who I will call Zeal is a beautiful toddler and is always following in his big brothers footsteps. Right now he is into whatever Mercury is into but adds his own little personality to the mix. This blog will basically be about my adventures in parenting and trying to run a household. As I am a Latter Day Saint and also plan on homeschooling you may also hear tidbits about these and other interests as well. Happy Reading!