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This was written back in June but is still quite applicable

I have so many thoughts rushing through my brain and the main theme seems to be simplicity. I want to de-junk my life. I am starting with physically de-junking and simplifying my house. I am also planning on switching to online billing since I seem to gather a lot of paper mail. I have so many things that seem so difficult to let go of.  I am hoping I can get myself down to one “memory box”. I want to take everything out of my closet except clothes and shoes. I cleaned out our storage unit yesterday. I brought a whole van load of stuff to DI it felt good to let go of all that stuff. I keep trying to come up with questions to help me let go. Like, when was the last time I used this, in five years will I even remember that I had this, will I miss it when its gone, do I really need this, and other questions like these. I am beginning to love emptiness and simplicity. My life has become increasingly crazy, cluttered, and busy.

Fast forward four months to the present. I have kept my kids room relatively in the same condition as the last picture and I have achieved getting my closet down to only clothes, shoes, and our safe that holds our important documents and such. I also took a lot of stuff out of the office closet. Unfortunately I haven’t let go of most of that stuff yet because I just shoved it all into the storage unit that was clean back in June and now cannot even be opened without fear of things falling out onto you. So I need to have another go at all that STUFF and see how much more I can actually get rid of. It is so freeing to get rid of things. I don’t know why it is so hard to do. I just make all these excuses about why I need to keep all this JUNK. Also I think that children’s toys magically reproduce during the night because we keep getting more and I don’t know where they all come from. I am getting ready to do another purge because we definitely have way too many and I know they don’t even play with most of them.

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  1. Avatar October 29th, 2010 at 3:32 pm Kimmel Tippets Says:

    De junking is hard to do. I have been slowly building up to it as I’ve gotten older…mainly because Shane doesn’t want me to be a pack rat and a agree with him. Definitely ask yourself those important questions…I unfortunately have ONE thing I got rid of that I wish I hadn’t and now it haunts me. I’m still willing to get rid of stuff though…I’d rather be simple and free!

  2. Avatar November 1st, 2010 at 8:25 pm amy leone Says:

    I started on-line billing a few years ago, it took a bit to get used to it, but now I love it! I can even send myself reminders of when my bills are due via email so I never forget. I also believe it played a HUGE part in me paying our credit card debt off. When I got paper bills, I never paid extra on them, when I did it online, if I had extra money I put it on the bill, it was easy to just do a quick electronic payment online!
    The part about letting go of stuff I am not too good with yet! I still have huge totes full of Jami and Alainas stuff from school, although I did throw alot away when I went through it for their grad parties!

  3. Avatar November 3rd, 2010 at 5:33 pm angela Says:

    Love it Alecia! Funny how I remember when it looked that way! Great Job! I love the updating you have done with the dresser and side tables. I will have to post some pictures of my new projects/ remakes of furniture!

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