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I am so excited to get home from this vacation and get started on my “new life”. I have been reading a lot of blogs and doing a lot of personal reflection, and planning during this vacation. In doing so I have come up with a lot of ideas about how I want to change the way I have been doing things. Some of these ideas I have already shared such as wanting to de-junk and simplify my home and wanting to make sure my family eats more real and healthy foods.  But I have also come up with a few other changes I would like to make when I get back home and create a new routine. I am hoping that since it has been so long since we have been home that creating a new routine will be easier because I am not stuck in my old one anymore. I have had a nice long break and want to get started on a positive not. It is like my new blank slate.

So in a nutshell this is my plan…

1. Less stuff= cleaner house with less clutter (I also plan on implementing family work time as discussed in headgate)

I want to really really de-clutter my home. I hope to achieve an almost minimalist atmosphere which will make cleaning SOOOO much easier. I used to follow the lazy organizer but she recently decided to discontinue her blog so now I have begun to use zenhabits and mnmlist for inspiration and motivation instead. I also want to have my kids start taking part in the care of our home and make “chores” a normal part of our daily routine. The e-book headgate really outlines how I want to do this perfectly. I think it will be a wonderful change and create a much more organized and peaceful atmosphere for my family.

2. Real food= healthier meals

I have already written an entire blog post about how I want to incorporate more “real foods” into my families diet. But I just want mu family to eat healthier so that they can be healthier. I hope that by buying only the healthiest foods we will be eating only the healthiest foods.

3. Be a nicer mom

I have recently noticed that I have been exceptionally tired and cranky lately. I also realzed that I have stopped taking my vitamins, fish oil, and st. Johns wort. All of which would probably improve my mood. So as soon as I get back from vacation I plan on re-introducing these supplements in hopes of taming my temper. I also want to make a stronger effort to be more calm and patient with my children. Specifically I want to stop yelling and implement the ideas of love and logic.

4. Maybe start using herbs and essential oils to help relieve stress

I have been reading a lot about herbal teas and essential oils and their therapeutic and medicinal uses. I have become somewhat excited about the prospects of using these to decrease the prevalence of illness, stress, headaches, and PMS through the use of essential oils. I plan on doing a little more research and possible investing in a few different essential oils to use as remedies in my home.

5. Save money by buying less stuff and couponing by using

Several of my friends back in New York have recently begun couponing. They have enlightened me on the huge savings and potential money to be made through their methods and have introduced me to the website hip2save. It is very exciting but also seems very complicated and they have urged me to get an organizational system in place before really getting into it. So I have begun by clipping coupons and I plan on using a 5 star zip up 3-ring binder along with plastic baseball card organizers and dividers to create an organizational system for my coupons. If I can do as well as my friend I can potentially leave the store with a basket full of stuff  for FREE and end up making money through rebates. So needless to say that is pretty exciting!

6. Create more learning experiences for Mercury

As many of you already know, I plan on homeschooling my children (at least through middle-school).I have already been teaching Mercury things here and there throughout his whole life (as any good mother does) but I plan on implementing a more organized and planned system come September.  He has been doing wonderful since he got his ear tubes a week before our vacation. His speech has improved drastically in the last month and he has even stated answering questions and speaking in sentences that others can understand. I am really excited to begin an organized program of learning for him and take advantage of this peak in interest. Although most of it will be learning through play and just involve talking about what we are doing. They will be planned play activities designed to bring up new words and ideas. Anyways now I am kind of off on a tangent. But yes I do plan on homeschooling for a myriad of reasons and  yes my child will have plenty social interaction so please don’t ask about that. I will probably write an entire post on that topic at some point. But right now I am talking about the exciting changes about to take place for my family.

7.Be more physically active

I have noticed an increase in my waistline and a decrease in my energy level. So I am hoping that exercise will help with both of these problems. I think we will do a combination of going to the gym, waling, exercise videos (including P90X and Tammy Lee’s I want that body). Hopefully we will be able to lose some weight, get back in shape, and increase our energy levels.

And last but definitely not least.

8. Bring the spirit more abundantly into my home.

As a family we have been waning in our spirituality. We have not been reading our scriptures or praying as regularly as we used to. We have not been regular in our Family Home Evening and I have not been as diligent in teaching my children about the Gospel as I had always hoped to be. So part of this new life plan must include at the very least daily scripture study, family prayer, and teaching moment for the kids as well as a weekly Family Home Evening where we can teach the children a lesson about the Gospel. I would also like to play hymns daily as background music during family work time or the children’s quiet time. I am hoping these changes will also increase the level of happiness and peace in our home.

I think it is a beautiful plan and will lead to a lot of happiness and peace for my family. I hope that it will not be too much at once. I am planning on doing it a little at a time. But I am very excited about all of these changes and hope that I will succeed in incorporating each of them into our lives. I will let you know how things go 🙂

Simple Life


OK so I have been working really hard to organize and simplify my life and my house. recently read a little e-book called entitled headgate and fell in love with the principles taught in it. I don’t plan on taking the ideas to the extreme like the author and some others have done but I know that much good will come from applying these principles in my home. Right now I am working specifically on organizing and simplifying my home.  I am trying to assign each room a purpose and make sure the things withing those rooms are helping to aid in that purpose and not hindering it.

I started with the kids room because this is what kept happening

kids room before I switched rooms and before the transformation

I decided that room was for sleeping. Well what do kids need to sleep…beds, pillows, blankets and a stuffed animal. So that’s all that is in their room. ok ok well you caught me that’s not all that’s in there but almost. I kept the rocking chair in there so we could read stories before bed and the books are up in the closet and I have a few boxes of out of rotation toys store in the top of the closet (I like to rotate toys every so often). But that’s it , really.Here is a picture to prove it 🙂

see just a bed 🙂

here is the empty floored closet

I love it and it is wonderful. In fact I didn’t know what to do with the emptiness of the closet floor at first but now I love it so much that it has become the goal for the rest of my rooms. So far I am failing miserably in reaching that goal but its getting there slowly but surely.

The living room was also easy since we moved our TV upstairs to our media room/office (so that it wouldn’t be a temptation for the kids). So the function of our “living room” became more like a playroom that we also entertain guests in.  So all that was left in that room was a shelf for some toys, our little kiddie table and chairs, and our couch and love seat, and two baskets (one for toys that don’t fit on the shelf and one for books).

living room/ play room

Well there is also a Christus statue and some candles on the fireplace…but that is it.

other side

The kitchen was my favorite transformation.

clean kitchen 🙂

I had way too much stuff crammed into my cupboards in an unorganized manner. bags of baking supply’s, boxes of pasta, and unorganized kids dishes.


So I came up with a plan to streamline and organize and this is how it turned out.


I also wanted to organize my spice cupboard and my dish cupboard as well and here are the results.





The other rooms have not been as simple and are still works in progress. I have succeeded in getting rid of  2 boxes of stuff from my bedroom and office but they are still not fitting into my new simple plan. I have this vision of this beautiful empty house where the rooms each only have the few things that need withing them but I am not quite sure how to get my house to fulfill my vision. I guess I will just keep plugging along and doing a little at a time. Purging and de-junking. I love the results but the process is very difficult. I found it so easy to get rid of my kids stuff but it is so much more difficult to get rid of my own baggage.

I am a 25 year old mother of 2 crazy little boys. I am blessed to be able to stay home and care for my boys.  My oldest is three and my little one is almost 2. They definitely keep me busy. My oldest son who I will call Mercury is quite a a handful he is very spirited, creative, and energetic. He is always looking for something to get into which makes for lots of fun blog posts. My younger son who I will call Zeal is a beautiful toddler and is always following in his big brothers footsteps. Right now he is into whatever Mercury is into but adds his own little personality to the mix. This blog will basically be about my adventures in parenting and trying to run a household. As I am a Latter Day Saint and also plan on homeschooling you may also hear tidbits about these and other interests as well. Happy Reading!