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Christmas Break Mess at Grandpa’s house


So we spent Christmas at my husbands parents house. When we are there the kids spend a lot of time playing in the playroom (which happens to adjoin to his food storage pantry) The door to the food pantry does not close properly and does not have a lock so my father-in-law “child proofed by moving all the food to the upper shelves of the pantry where the kids “couldn’t reach”. Well we didn’t plan on the children using the shelves as a ladder. I came downstairs to check on them to find Zeal on the top shelf of the pantry and this…

Big Mess part 1

Big Mess Part 2

Needless to say our father in law will be purchasing a new door most likely with a lock.

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“Christmas Break Mess at Grandpa’s house”

  1. Avatar January 7th, 2011 at 10:58 pm Kimmel Tippets Says:

    Oh man! Kids are amazing, they can figure out how to get into anything. Oh, and I just wanted to point out that you didn’t call him Zeal…you used his real name. (Just in case you want to edit it!) 🙂

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