In this online portfolio, you will find all the work, certificates, and the resume. of Rowdy Swim. Please take a look around the site and contact me if you are interested in my work.

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  • Resume

  • Education

    Canyons Technical Education center 
    	Programming 2009-2010 
    		C#,   C++,   Java  
    	Web Design 2010-2011   
    		HTML,   CSS,   Action script,  Javascript 
    Salt Lake Community College 2007-2011
    	Concurrent enrollment
    		CIS 1020,  CS 1400, CS 1410
    West Jordan High School   2007-2011

  • Biography

    female link

    I am a second year student at Canyon's Technical Education Center (CTEC). In my first year, I was in the Programming class and this year I am in the Web Design and Development class. I have earned the "Most Professional Webmaster" and "Team Assist of Web design" awards. I am taking commissions; if you are interested please send me a message.

  • Web site design

    Here are some of my best pieces of work I have done:

    • Web Design
    • Hosting
    • HTML/CSS coding
    • SEO optimization
  • Movie Trailer

    Web site: Class Tech
    Project where I took a movie and twisted the story
    February 2011
    Movie Trailer

  • Augmented Reality

    Web site: Class Tech
    Project where I made three cubes come to life from a printed picture.
    March 2011
    Augmented Reality
    Link for the picture

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