Hi! I'm Kaytee and I am a Web Designer from Salt Lake.

I am proficient in HTML and PHP with a smattering of CSS. When I'm not designing, I am probably watching Dinsey movies, swimming or singing and or dancing in the kitchen with the radio blasting. I am a college student at Utah State University. I live off cereal, toast and poptarts, with the occasional can of chicken noodle soup.

           List of skills:

  • Basic Understanding of HTML
  • Create a Web Site in HTML
  • HTML Frames
  • Basic Understanding of Photoshop
  • Create a Web Site in Photoshop
  • Edit Photos in Photoshop
  • PHP Data Forms
  • PHP Contact Forms
  • Rip and Edit Videos from DVDs
  • Create Movies with Streaming Capability from all devices
  • Create Animated Logos in Flash
  • Basic Understanding of Flash
  • Create XML Driven Video Player Application in Flash
  • Create and Implement Favicons
  • Create Avatar in Photoshop
  • Create and Upkeep a Blog
  • Create Splash Page
  • Implament Google Analytics