• Just a Quick Intro

    My name is Erica Bradford and I am a 2nd year student and Canyon's Technical Education Center(CTEC). The first year, I was in the Programming class and this year I am in the Web Design and Development class. I have won the Most Professional Programmer award and the Most Professional Webmaster award. Although I am only a student, I am already taking commissions for anybody that needs a Web Site. You can contact me by filling in that handy contact form up there or you can get my contact information to the right of the contact form.

  • Portfolio

    Welcome to my portfolio. Go ahead and browse some of my previous projects. If you want to contact me, click on the Contact button above. If you want to look at my certifications and my resume, press the About button.

  • Shoutbox

    Autumn Shoutbox
    What it does
    Takes in information, saves it to a database, and posts it to this wall. Users can clear the form or clear the page.

  • Photo Gallery

    What it does
    Simple photogallery. click on one of the thumbnails and the fullsize image will come up in the window next to it

  • Trailer

    What it does
    Trailer of the movie Silent Hill being twisted completely out of context. Shows that I can do video editing, video streaming, sound editing, and video conversion. You can stream this video on any device or browser.

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