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Hi! Thanks for visiting the CTEC Web Development Class website! This website was designed to be a little different than the rest so it functions just like an Operating System (Windows, MAC OS).

You can click on the icons on the left or bottom and the pages will come up, or play around with the weather/season in the lower right corner. (:

Questions about the class?

Call Mr. Kidd: 801-826-6655

In our class, we:

  • Participate in a national organization called the Academy of Information Technology
  • Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more!
  • Learn Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, hand-coding, and more!
  • Create a forum, photo gallery, online store, online classifieds, and more!
  • Learn how to post all of your work live on a server, for the whole world to see!
  • Turn your home computer into a server
  • Learn Javascript Frameworks like Mootools and JQuery
  • Get your own domain name (.com)
  • Work with Real World Clients
  • Earn money during the class with the skills you learn
  • Create a portfolio to get you a job or admitted into a college
  • Earn up to 8 industry certifications total
    • The CIW is the industry certification for Web Development
    • Adobe Certified Associates in Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop
    • The IC3 proves you have the basic computer skills needed for a job
    • As well as 7 college credits from Salt Lake Community College

To be a part of the action here at the CTEC, you have to fullfill two requirements:

1. Be a junior or senior while you're in Web Development

2. PRINT THIS FORM, fill it out, give it to your CTE Coordinator at your home High School, and they will take care of the rest.

It’s that easy! See you in the class!!

Student Work
Industry Certifications
[d:][\ciw] CIW [Certified Internet Webmaster]
This certification proves the students knowledge of XHTML coding, image editing, validation, CSS, GUI editors, server-side and client-side languages, e-commerce models and much more! Find out more.

[d:][\ic3] IC3 [Internet and Computing Core Certification]
The Internet and Computing Core Certification provides students and job-seekers with the foundation of knowledge they need to succeed in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet. The Global Standard 3 is an internationally recognized standard for digital literacy and reflects the most relevant skills needed in today's academic and business environments. Find out more.

[d:][\adobe] Adobe [Adobe Certified Associate]
To help educators achieve these outcomes, Adobe has built course materials focused on career areas in Web Design, Visual and Print Design, and Digital Video. These course materials correlate directly to specific Adobe Certified Associate certification objectives. Combined, these courseware materials and certifications provide powerful learning tools. Find out more.

College Credit

CTEC - Web Development Concurrent Enrollment Credits

Art 1800 - 4 Credits
Intro to software & hardware used to create multimedia productions. Hands-on experience using hardware & software to create 2D/3D graphics, sound, animation, & video. Discussion of the multimedia market, copyright, & ethics in mass media.

Art 2440 - 3 Credits
Students learn the knowledge and skills needed to build and manage professional web sites using Dreamweaver & Fireworks. Students create interactive web sites, graphics, animation, and advanced styling using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript.
SLCC.edu The Web Development course here at CTEC offers 7 college credits, in two courses Art 2440 and Art 1800. College credit through SLCC is $40 unless you have already paid through you home high school. To apply for college credit follow this link Apply!
Video Tutorials
CTEC Web Development Video Tutorials


Class Site/Post Work 7:10 2010 Mr. Kidd


Servers|WAMP|SMF 12:07 2010 Mr. Kidd
Hosts|Fantastico|Blog 13:06 2010 Mr. Kidd
How to use FTP 8:28 2010 Mr. Kidd
Streaming Media Server 13:50 2010 Mr. Kidd


Photoshop Intro 13:55 2010 Mr. Kidd
JPG vs PNG vs PSD 9:00 2010 Mr. Kidd
Selection Tools 11:16 2010 Mr. Kidd
Clone Stamp/Healing 5:00 2010 Mr. Kidd
Animating 7:38 2010 Mr. Kidd
Make site with PS 12:17 2010 Mr. Kidd
Tweak your PS site 13:18 2010 Mr. Kidd


HTML Intro 9:06 2010 Mr. Kidd
Basic Tags Pt. 1 14:03 2010 Mr. Kidd
Basic Tags Pt. 2 11:47 2010 Mr. Kidd
Image/Font/Link Tags 14:38 2010 Mr. Kidd
Tables 8:20 2010 Mr. Kidd
Image Maps 11:45 2010 Mr. Kidd
PHP Forms Part 1 12:18 2010 Mr. Kidd
PHP Forms Part 2 14:02 2010 Mr. Kidd
PHP Forms Part 3 10:23 2010 Mr. Kidd
Internal & Mailto Links 11:30 2010 Mr. Kidd


Connect to Database 12:34 2010 Mr. Kidd
Insert/Display from DB 13:49 2010 Mr. Kidd
Fix Refresh/Delete DB 9:04 2010 Mr. Kidd

Video Editing/Uploading

Play Video Everywhere 25:43 2011 Mr. Kidd


RSS Feeds 13:10 2008 Mr. Kidd


SEO|XML Sitemaps 18:13 2011 Mr. Kidd

Student Tutorials

Coming Soon!!!! 18:22 2008 Mr. Kidd
Contact Mr. Kidd
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